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Born to kiss


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25 minutes


Run, jump, shoot, hide behind a trench! And watch, watch, watch. You are a soldier and it is time to fight. Or rather stop for a moment. Close your eyes and remember that there is no weapon more powerful than a smile. Born to kiss is a belic comedy that uses war as a metaphor to vindicate the bright side of life, to tell us that when we find no way out of a conflict we have to invent it. In this new show, Cia Mar Gómez transforms the street into a battlefield to dance with a restless soldier who will show us how humor can become the best way for rebelion.

Artistic team

Director and performer: Xavier Martínez

Choreographic assistance: Mar Gómez 

Set design: Ángel Márquez

Costume design: Cia. Mar Gómez

Executive production and management: Marta Riera

Communication and production assistant: Carlota Masvidal

Video: Paolo Frunzio and Juan Luis Ronco