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25 minutes


With ‘Slapstick’ we bring outdoors a comic short film without screen about a character waiting for a train. Our personal tribute to silent films, with figures such as Charles Chaplin, Buster Keaton or Harold Lloyd as the main source of inspiration.

A dance theatre and clown show where falls and physically extreme situations are enjoyed live and starred by a character that inspires tenderness and humor in equal parts. This show reminds us that behind the gags that can make us laugh as if we were children again, there is a great deal of humanity.

Premiered at Per Amor a l'Hart Festival (Hospitalet de Llobregat, 2019)

Finalist for the MAX 2020 Awards for Best Outdoors Show

Artistic team

Director and performer: Xavier Martínez.

Choreographic assistance: Mar Gómez

Set and costumes: Cia. Mar Gómez

Production: Cia. Mar Gómez

Exectutive production: Marta Riera

Communication and production assistance: Carlota Masvidal

Video: Paolo Frunzio and Juan Luis Ronco