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La vie en rose


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60 minutes


There is something even more thrilling than the rise of a perfect love story: to witness from a distance how it falls apart, in the most grotesque and atrocious way possible. That is exactly what we get into in “La vie en rose”, seeking that slightly evil (but harmless) smile that we all carry inside.

With humour and a cinematographic view, this work of dance-theatre blends physical theatre, dance and clown arts. The piece follows a seemingly perfect couple from the height of romantic and social success to the most clamorous failure imaginable, poisoned by their own greed.

In order to fail spectacularly, one must first rise to the top. “La vie en rose” is foremost a story of devastation, a fierce battle between two characters in a race to annihilate each other.

Artistic team

Artistic direction: Mar Gómez

Choreographers / dancers: Mar Gómez y Xavier Martínez

Set&Costume design: Cia. Mar Gómez

Lighting design: Jaume Ortiz

Executive production: Marta Riera

Production assistant: Carlota Masvidal

Photos: Fernando Prats

Video: Arkham Studio / Xavi Pujol