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Cia. Mar Gómez was created in Barcelona in 1992. For over twenty years it has established a very personal and recognizable style framed in the field of dance theatre characterized essentially by the use of sense of humor, narration, gesture and a choreographic work of great physicality always at the service of dramaturgy and the construction of the characters. The company offers a very accessible work -including audiences unfamiliar with dance- and is suitable for a diversity of contexts in which it can be showed, from street festivals to regular performances in halls and theatres.

Following this artistic line, the company’s shows have been, and are still a key piece in the context of national contemporary dance, it’s style has facilitated the approach to this discipline to an audience  less restricted than usual. Given the artistic features of the pieces, the shows have been displayed in multiple contexts and have covered a broad and diverse market. This model has created a company that prioritizes the capacity of touring the shows above all. The main focus of activity has been, then, the production and exhibition of shows, with a very consolidated market in the national territory that in recent years has been expanding internationally.

Amongst its creations it’s worth to mention La matanja de Tezas (premièred in 1993 in Teatre Lliure, Valencian Critics’ Prize); Levadura Madre (1998, l’Espai de dansa I música de Barcelona); Hay un Pícaro en el Corral (2001, la Generalitat Valenciana Prize for best dance production and female artist); La casa de l’est (2002, Teatre Nacional de Catalunya); Después te lo cuento (Grec 2004, in collaboration with the British director Lindsay Kemp); Dios Menguante (Teatre Modern del Prat 2006, Max Prize for best female artist and Premi Ciutat de Barcelona 2010 for the representation in the Villarroel Teatre during the Festival Dansalona); Heart Wash ( Festival Mercè Arts de Carrer 2010) adaptation of the former piece for urban spaces; Aquí amanece de noche (2009) and Perdiendo el tiempo (Festival Cos de Reus- Mercat de les Flors 2011, in collaboration with the acrobat Ignasi Gil) that has recently been restaged in this 2015; “For ever and a day”, a coproduction of Cia Mar Gómez and SEM Altigone, premiered in november 2012 in Festival Voyage Gourmand in Saint - Orens de Gameville ( Toulouse ); the outdoor show “Between you and me”, premiered in Fira de Tàrrega 2013, the indoor show “Pollen Paradise” (Teatre Modern del Prat 2014); “On earth as it is in heaven”, coproduced by Grec 2016 Barcelona Festival and the dance theatre show-workshop “Swing it!” (Mercè Art de Carrer Barcelona 2017). The last show of the company is “La vie en rose” whether outdoors (premiered in Mercè Art de Carrer Barcelona 2017 and Festival Nocte Graus 2017) and indoors (premiered in Teatre Modern El Prat del Llobregat 2018). The new show ‘Slapstick’ has been premiered in Per Amor a l’Hart Festival (Hospitalet de Llobregat, 2019).

In parallel, the company has an agreement with El Prat de Llobregat since 2006 to carry out a task linked to community work and territorial integration through the arts developing projects related to  education and building up new audiences which, along the years, have achieved a tangible impact.

Projects related to the inclusion of dance in the school context or that have an impact on specific social groups such as the elderly, have expanded the horizons and framework of action of the company that have gained a dimension that goes beyond artistic creation.

Another course of action in recent years have been cultural cooperation during it’s international tours. Since 2010 the company has developed several actions in African and Latin American territory that, given its satisfactory results have been considered as a complementary line.